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Why Umbrellas Are Great Promotional Gift Choice

Why Umbrellas Are Great Promotional Gift Choice?

Why Umbrellas Are Great Promotional Gift Choice

Have you ever thought of giving an umbrella as a promotional gift? It can be the most significant if you want to draw everybody’s eye to your business. Promotional gifts like umbrellas have been an imperative part of the marketing business for a long time. These are low-cost, draw the required attention, and comes in various color & shapes. But for quite some time now, these have been underrated. So, let’s tour how umbrellas are an excellent promotional gift.

Why Choose Umbrellas as a Promotional Gift?

 Why umbrellas? Not any other item. Well, umbrellas are unique gifts everybody can keep for the entire year. Although the item is utilized during pouring or sunny days, it is an undeniable asset. Unlike other items like T-shirts, mugs, stationery, and gadgets, an umbrella is utilized occasionally, and people will remember you and your gift when in need. This highlights the fact about your brand that you are always there with your customers and clients in their needs and beyond.

Table of Contents:

1. The Benefits of Giving an Umbrella as a Present

2. Different Types of Umbrellas and Their Uses

3. Choosing the Right Size & Style for Your Recipient

4. Where to Find Quality, Stylish Umbrellas at Affordable Prices

5. Adding Personalization to Make the Gift, Even More, Special

6. Final thoughts

The Benefits of Giving an Umbrella as a Present

Now, we will learn more about the umbrella as a promotional gift. So firstly, we are going to see the benefits it drives to people having it. Let’s get started!

  1. Useful & Convenient

Anybody who thinks of a promotional gift wants it to be used by the respective person. But with other options in mind, you won’t get the right business visibility compared to promotional gifts like an umbrella.

Umbrella has a vast space where you can endorse your brand. Simultaneously, it gives the right visibility as people will go out with it, and your business will get the right recognition. Moreover, it will protect people from harsh sunny days, rain, snow, etc. It has great functionality for promoting your business and is used once a year.

  1. Umbrellas are Durable

Unlike other promotional gifts with wear and tear issues like clothing or stationery, umbrellas are the most durable gifts to offer. It is utilized for months and hence enhances the brand’s longevity.

It has been noticed by marketing experts even after a few years, umbrellas provide exposure to businesses or brands. By picking an umbrella as your marketing gift, you tie the knot with durability. This yields higher and extended returns, and your organization saves the extra bucks initially.

  1. Logo & Branding Gets the Right Eye

An umbrella is a sunproof & waterproof gift; thus, your branding gets the right eyes. You can showcase your brand in as maximum space as 300mm. Moreover, you get a considerable space wherein you can ensure that your business logo & branding get the correct exposure.

Each panel of an umbrella is a source to showcase your logo or brand more precisely. Also, you can get an umbrella printed in whatever designs & colors best suits your business. In addition, you can get the handle designed or customized as per your choice.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

When companies pick brochures and leaflets as promotional gifts, people may throw them and misplace them when they receive them. Umbrellas are something that an individual cannot throw or lose due to their size & shape.

A big reason why umbrellas are great promotional gifts is their environmental friendliness. They do not pollute the environment, making them the best for both users and nature.

  1. Suitable for Every Age Group

Business owners or marketing strategists need not worry about age preferences, as umbrellas can be given to any age group. From adults to old to teenagers, umbrellas keep everybody protected against rain and UV rays.

For instance, We have seen many times that many mothers carry small-size umbrellas for their kids while picking them up from schools or tuition centers. Therefore, no need to bother about the size, color, shape, etc. Give an umbrella as the promotional gift, and you are good to go!

Different Types of Umbrellas and Their Uses

Now, we will collect details about the different variants of an umbrella for marketing the business.

  1. The Mini Umbrellas

People on the streets prefer mini umbrellas that are easy to carry and keep them guarded against sun rays, rain, etc. This mini range covers all the criteria which you want in an umbrella. What features you get with this mini umbrella as a promotional gift:

  • Automated opening
  • Choice of matching handle colors
  • Matching frame colors
  • Moreover, a classic crooked wooden handle.
  1. The Stormproof Umbrella

A stormproof umbrella is highly practical when you need to head out during thunderstorms, rains, winds, etc. It gives you extra protection. The Umbrella comes in fiberglass ribs that leverage the Umbrella and bring it back to the same position when winds pull the umbrella sheet back.  

  1. The Golf Days & Event Umbrellas

Do you have a golf day planned, but the weather is getting rainy? The golf range umbrellas can be a good choice. They are excellently built to protect from storms or the weather changing on the course. Facilities a golf course umbrella offers include:

  • Affordability
  • Remains in place during the time of bad climate conditions
  • You get a massive space for branding
  • Catches maximum eyes over your branding
  • Comes in eye-catchy colors & shapes
  1. The City Walker Umbrellas

These are highly suitable for everyday use and city executives. You get ready-made as well as tailor-made umbrellas as per your business requirements. You can customize the shape, ribs, colors, frame, etc.  

  1. Wood Crooked Umbrellas


Wood crooked umbrellas as a promotional gift can be a classic choice for your customer. These are highly economical, and any customization you want is possible with them. In addition, these look classy and of royal taste. A perfect promotional gift for some elite customers.

This was all about the different patterns of an umbrella as a promotional gift. Now we will see how businesses can choose the suitable Umbrella.

Choosing the Right Size & Style for Your Recipient

What size & style of the Umbrella will suit my client? It is an undisputed question every marketing expert thinks of. So, here is a guide to it. Read the information carefully and choose the most suitable umbrella as a promotional gift.

Umbrella, as we all know, is a great promotional gift for all age groups. Everybody uses an umbrella as per their utility, whether a kid or an adult. So, here is a list of different types of umbrellas with their sizes and utility.  

  1. Reflective Umbrella

If you are a photography expert, these reflective umbrellas as promotional gifts can be a good source. Photography experts generally use these types of umbrellas. The primary purpose of such an umbrella is to click softly lit and dramatic images. It helps in modifying the light source and hence fits the photography requirements. A reflective umbrella comes in one size.

  1. Foldable Umbrella

Foldable umbrellas are just like pocket umbrellas. They come in very compact shapes. In addition, these come in various colors and trendy designs. The Umbrella comes in short sizes and is easily portable, stored, and packed. You can pick any size or customize it as per your business utility. The size offered is as follows:

  • After you fold the umbrella, it becomes 6.5 inches long only.
  • It becomes the usual standard size ranging from 20 to 40 inches when opened.
  1. Rainbow Umbrella

It is usually helpful in photography by being the best prop for it. It comes in rainbow shades (multiple colors) and is highly noticeable. You can easily advertise your brand as the color speaks to the audience already. The sizes include:

  • 21 inches to 27 inches
  1. Kid’s Umbrella

Such types of umbrellas are specially designed for the smaller age group of children who can easily carry them outdoors. Kids are fond of bright & catchy colors & hence, these umbrellas are designed in various forms, colors, and shapes. The most prominent size involves:

  • 8 To 10mm (diameter)
  • 13 to 19 inches
  1. Automatic Umbrella

This type of promotional umbrella opens and closes via a handheld button. The button is usually placed just near the handle. If you love automating things, then this Umbrella as a promotional gift can be a boon. The sizes are:

  • The typical size is around 8 inches
  • The diameter is about 20 to 27 inches.

Where to Find Quality, Stylish Umbrellas at Affordable Prices?

There are various options for buying umbrellas as promotional gifts, such as physical stores in your nearby markets or online stores. The best option to find quality and stylish umbrellas at affordable prices is online websites that deal in promotional gift items, like FanHe gifts. Such retailers have an extensive range of promotional presents, including different types of umbrellas.

Apart from a great collection of promotional umbrellas, you enjoy a plus point of doorstep delivery. That means you do not have to step out to take the product delivery, but the website will deliver it wherever you want. Moreover, bulk orders of umbrellas as promotional gifts can get you amazing discounts. So, don’t forget to check out the FanHe gifts for umbrellas and other types of promotional gifts.

How to Add Personalization to Make the Gift Even More Special?

If you plan to add personalization to the gift, it could be the right section to see “how”? There are a few steps that you should contemplate before jumping to personalization:

  • Print your brand’s logo and tagline on the umbrellas
  • Get them color-coded to match your business color theme
  • Personalize it with the name of your client or employee to whom you’re gifting an umbrella

Final Thoughts - Why Umbrellas Are Great Promotional Gift Choice?

Giving an umbrella this year as a promotional gift can be a unique approach to reaching the audience and making your organization live in the memories for a long time. Umbrellas are highly economical and durable, and once in a while, people grab people’s hands to protect them from worsening climate conditions.

FanHe gifts is the ultimate platform to find impressive promotional gifts for your business, like umbrellas and more. From prices to collection and everything in between is top-notch.

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