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Why Promotional Products Work

Why Promotional Products Work

Why Promotional Products Work?

Promotional products are merchandise with a promotional message or the company’s logo. These can be t-shirts, pens, mugs, calendars, paperweights, etc. The range of promotional products is only limited by the extent of the person’s imagination. Often, the best promotional products have a daily utility to the user.

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute indicates that 85% of people who receive a promoted product tend to remember the advertiser longer than otherwise. People often tend to keep a product with them for over a year in more than 50% of the cases studied. Thus, promotional merchandise is a good product or service promotion method. The main advantages of using promotional goods and the reasons for using such products are discussed at length.

Table of Contents

  1.     Introducing Promotional Products – What Are They and How Do They Work?
  2.     Why Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  3.     Maximizing Exposure to Your Brand with Customized Promotional Products
  4.     Why Do Customers Like Promotional Products?
  5.     Benefits Of Investing in Quality Promotional Materials for Your Business
  6.     Types Of Promotional Items and How to Use Them Effectively
  7.     Selecting The Ideal Promotional Products for Your Business Needs

Introducing Promotional Products – What Are They and How Do They Work?

Promotional merchandise is products given away or sold to customers carrying a business logo or message. They are either given away free or sold at concessional rates to promote a business, an event, or a cause. Most promotional products bring benefits to the giver as well as the receiver. Promotional products can help you.

  • Increase brand recognition and recall: Exposing your brand to a large and diverse audience can be seen and used repeatedly by the recipients and others who come in contact with them.
  • Build customer loyalty and trust: By showing appreciation and gratitude to your customers, they can positively associate with your brand. They can also increase customer retention and satisfaction by providing value and utility.
  • Generate referrals and word of mouth:Promotional products encourage customers to recommend your brand to friends and colleagues. They can also serve as incentives or rewards for referrals or feedback.
  • Boost sales and revenue: Promotional goods can influence buying decisions and preferences by creating a favorable impression of your brand.
  • Enhance your image and reputation: Choosing promotional products from eco-friendly products can boost your image and reputation.  
  • Stand out from the competition: The products can differentiate your brand from others in your domain. They can also help you create a unique and memorable identity that resonates with your target audience.

One of the strongest points for using promotional merchandise is that they provide value for money above the sums spent in producing and distributing them. They are the best avenue for creating a lasting impression on the stakeholders in a company or brand.

Why Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Brand awareness and loyalty are two of the key factors that drive the success of any business. It must be said that brand awareness is the extent to which your customer remembers your brand long after they have ceased to come to contact with it. On the other hand, brand loyalty is the degree of appreciation a customer has for a brand and is a good measure of how willing they are to make a repeat purchase.


It has been observed that using promotional merchandise is a good way to promote brand awareness and loyalty toward the brand. They increase brand awareness by exposing your brand to a wider and more diverse audience. Secondly, they create a lasting impression on the people seeing the products. Most promotional goods are kept with the customer for more than a year, which means that the chances that others encounter the logo or message of the brand are higher.


Once a positive impression is created in the minds of the promotional merchandise users, it is possible to have brand loyalty as they tend to prefer the brand over the competition every time they have a choice. Thus, promotional products must be seen as a long-term solution to building and sustaining brands in the long run.

Maximizing Exposure to Your Brand with Customized Promotional Products

With customized promotional products, businesses tend to be able to reach out to audiences that are otherwise left out by the mainstream media. The influence of family and friends cannot be taken lightly when it comes to brand promotion.

Another area where brands are exposed the most is in retaining the brands in the minds of people who come across promotional products. They create a lasting impression on people by providing value to the user and utility. Customized products have a lasting impression on the users, so much so that when making a repeat purchase, people prefer you to the competition.

Since most promotional goods tend to be used repeatedly, it reinforces the idea of the brand in the user’s mind. The chances of people making a repeat purchase is higher in this case, as well as the chance that they would provide people with references.

With the right type and promotional goods, it can stand out in the crowded marketplace. Not only does it send out the right signals, it tends to get to people who otherwise would have been left out in the more traditional approaches to advertising.

Over the years, promotional merchandise has been widely accepted as a brand or business promotion method. At times, it can be ideas that need promotion, but never the less, branded merchandise remains one of the top instruments in catching the eye of the consuming class.

Customized merchandise is a measurable way to bring in exposure to the brand, and it remains one of the most cost-effective. The presence of several vendors that cater to customized goods of all categories and sections points to the overall acceptability of the promotion method.

Why Do Customers Like Promotional Products?

Why are customers like promotional merchandise? What makes it so appealing and effective? Discussed below are some of the main reasons for it being so.

  • Utility and value: The prime reason that customers like promotional goods is that they provide the user with utility and value. Often the most successful goods are those most people use in their day-to-day activities. This is a major reason why coffee mugs are popular. Who does not have coffee early each day? It is a fact that most promotional goods save money for the user as he does not have to make a purchase otherwise.
  • Appreciation and gratitude:The very sight of promotional merchandise is that it shows appreciation and gratitude by a business. This does go a long way in fostering goodwill in the stakeholders of a business most of the time. Customers given free merchandise are often grateful for the thoughtful act, and the business can expect to have an ardent fan.
  • Impressions: There is no belittling the role of positive impressions created in people with certain brands. One of the easiest ways to create impressions is using branded promotional products. Advertising is about creating the right set of impressions, and what better way to do it than with customized branded merchandise?
  • Fun and memorable:A key feature of most branded promotional products is that they are fun items and amazing ideas. Thus, the business gets to form an easy-to-recall feature that often cannot be taken for granted at any time.

Few people realize the importance of giving out customizable promotional products, but when listed the benefits of doing so, they are converted to the idea. A business craves exposure, and that is primarily what promotional merchandise tends to do.  

Benefits Of Investing in Quality Promotional Materials for Your Business

Promotional materials for businesses are generally merchandise that is given away free or at a discounted cost and carries the business logo or message. There are advantages to investing in quality merchandise, as not all products are the same. The benefits of investing in quality promotional materials are: –

  • Enhance image and reputation:The better the quality of the merchandise, the better it is for your business image and reputation. Most of the time, promotional merchandise is common everyday use items like shirts, calendars, coffee mugs, and so on. By introducing quality products, the business stands to gain the most.
  • Increase brand awareness and recall:People who have invested time and effort to provide quality merchandise for their business also have seen their brand awareness and recall improve over the short to medium term. There is a direct correlation between the two as a quality product stands to last a lot longer than an inferior product, giving it the most mileage for money spent.
  • Customer loyalty and trust: A brand that invests in quality products for its merchandise stands to gain customer loyalty and trust. When customers and other stakeholders get to see the quality of choosing branded merchandise, they can form a better opinion of the business overall, which tends to create brand loyalty and trust.
  • Generate leads and sales: There would not be a single business that has invested in solid and reputable promotional merchandise and that did not see a proportionate increase in leads and sales. Thus, the two go hand in hand and are a natural inference overall.

Thus, there are benefits to using a quality branded commodity. The quality affects the brand image as well as its ability to generate leads and sales as well. The astute business person would thus not take the promotional merchandise for granted and pay sufficient time and effort to pick out the right one every time.

Types Of Promotional Items and How to Use Them Effectively

The above are some of the most popular items when it comes to promotional merchandise. It must, however, be noted that the item that you choose must relate to your brand and business overall. This is a must-do and must be the first step that you take.

The second step in identifying promotional merchandise must be relevant to the target audience. For instance, giving a coffee mug might not be ideal for a target audience predominantly consisting of teenagers.

Distributing the merchandise strategically is another important step in using promotional products. Getting the right stuff into the right hands must never be compromised at any time.

Tracking how effective promotional merchandise is should never be an afterthought.  The best businesses tend to see how effective the promotional activity is—often measuring the outcome with the effort expended.

Selecting The Ideal Promotional Products for Your Business Needs

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right partner for promotional merchandise. Increasingly, people have been turning to online resources like FanHe Gifts to source their product needs. This concerns the ease of selecting what you like at your own pace and not influenced by any marketing push.

People can easily log on to the website and choose the item. Some design templates can be readily applied to the product, which could also involve customizations to the standard pattern. Vendors like FanHe cater to all sorts of customers across the globe, ensuring timely deliveries every time.

Inconclusion - Why Promotional Products Work

Be it the rush of the Christmas season or the more sedate times of the year, vendors like FanHe can provide the user with the same levels of customer experience throughout the year. Delivering value to the customer is the prime focus of the supplier, and they do it with a certain elan as well.

People are often spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right branded merchandise. Picking up the right vendor to do them is just one of the many conveniences available to the customer. Attention must be paid to the reviews given by past customers and, more importantly, read through the impressions they have given. After producing promotional products, record your impressions in your vendor review.

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