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Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts

Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts

Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are comfortable garments that can be suited for both formal as well as informal attire. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, colors, styles, etc. It is a fact that most people can find polo neck t-shirts for practically any budget as well. Polo shirts are used for business meetings, a day on the golf course, and even for a night out with friends.

It must be said that polo shirts are just not functional alone. They can be used to promote brands by showcasing your brand logo and displaying messages across them in a stylish and fashionable way. It is possible to use polo shirts to create a good impression on the competition, your customers, your employees, and a whole range of people that get associated with your products and services.

Table of Contents:

  1. Benefits Of Using Polo Shirts for Brand Promotion
  2. How To Design Custom Polo Shirts That Represent Your Brand
  3. Different Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts
  4. Brands Who Have Successfully Used Polo Shirts as Part of Their Marketing Strategy
  5. How to Maximize the Reach and Impact of Your Promotional Campaigns with Polos
  6. Where Can You Source Quality, Affordable Polos for Your Brand Promotion
  7. A Quick Summary

Benefits Of Using Polo Shirts for Brand Promotion

There are a number of benefits to using polo-necked t-shirts for brand promotion. The most noteworthy of them are discussed below.

  • Enhancing your brand image: Polo shirts can improve the reputation of your business with not just the stakeholdersbut with anyone associated in any capacity with the business. They get to announce your business in a professional way, and most people find them trustworthy. Polo shirts help a lot with how a brand gets to position itself with its customers, competition, employees, and so on. Statistically, 63% of people given a free polo shirt tend to have a good opinion of the business that it represents.
  • Increasing your brand visibility:Polo t-shirts are mobile advertisement signs for your businesses. They get to announce the brand loudly and manage to catch the attention of the customers and clients wherever they  It is possible to reach out to a wider audience as well as improve the brand identity. According to a survey by the Advertising Speciality Institute, 85% of people tend to remember or recall a business that gave them a polo shirt, and on average, a polo t-shirt would make 2400 new impressions over their life cycle.
  • Boosting your brand loyalty:When introduced to a group of employees or a group of customers, the polo shirt happens to create a positive impression on the brand that it represents. They tend to foster a sense of belonging with the users, and often the people wearing the polo shirts tend to repeat customers as well as points of referral. More than half the customers given a polo shirt felt that they would do business again with the businesses.

Using polo shirts is an effective means of promoting your brand as well as advertising the services and products that you get to offer.

How To Design Custom Polo Shirts That Represent Your Brand

Designing a custom polo shirt to represent your brand is not that tough an initiative. Most people can get around to it by sticking to certain points and by planning effectively. Here are some tips to help design the right polo shirt for your business.

  • Choose the right color: The color of the polo shirt must be just the right color and shade. This is a very important feature of the branded polo shirt,as it is possible to create a range of colors to match the occasion. It is quite possible to use a color combination rather than a single color alone. By choosing contrasting colors for the collars, buttons, sleeve ends, etc, it is possible to have the shirt stand out to be noticed.
  • Choose the right fabric:When it comes to the fabric to be used in making the polo shirt, there is a wide range from cotton to polyester and so on and a combination of the same. Above all, the shirt must be comfortable to wear and can be used for any occasion. There is also a choice of wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant fabrics to make a choice too.
  • Choose the right size and fit: The size and fit of the polo shirt must be suited to the target audience as far as possible. When ordering in bulk, it is necessary to have the right mix of different sizes and fit to be able to cater to the users the most. Then there are the slim, regular,and relaxed fits to meet every situation. It is also possible to customize the length of the polo shirt body as well.
  • Choose the right logo:With most polo shirts, a logo is a must and mostly over the heart. But there is no hard & fast approach when it comes to the placement must always be like so, and it is quite possible to try and see what works best for the brand you are promoting. Some of the other areas of placement of the logo are the back, sleeves, collar, etc.
  • Choose the right message:There must be a catchy message to go with your brand on the polo shirt. This would make people take notice of the brand each time they catch sight of the t-shirt. You could additionally use one of the social media handles or even a website address as the message. By using different fonts, colors, styles, and designs, it is quite possible to catch the eye of the reader.

Thus, by following the tips as laid out above, it is possible to create a custom polo shirt that would suit the needs of the business most of the time.

Different Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts

There are several ways to use polo shirts to promote your brand. The most notable of these are discussed below.

  • Give away as gifts: The polo shirts with your logo and message can be gifted to your customers, employees, friends, relatives,and so on. This is a good way to show appreciation and to get into the good books of the people concerned.
  • Give away as incentives:It is quite possible that your branded polo shirt can be a giveaway incentive for bringing in the most business among the employees, a part of referral programs, and so on. By making them incentives to activities, it is possible to attach a certain pride to their 
  • Give away as merchandise:The branded polo shirt can be sold as merchandise for your brand. This serves the purpose of bringing in some revenue as well as creating awareness of your brand.
  • Give away as fundraisers:Some businesses elect to run fundraisers with the help of their custom-designed polo shirts.

Wear them as uniforms: This is a very popular method of promoting the brand among the community. People soon get to associate a product or service with a particular brand most of the time.

Brands Who Have Successfully Used Polo Shirts as Part of Their Marketing Strategy

There are a number of international brands that have successfully used custom polo shirts to promote themselves. The most notable ones are listed below.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren: The iconic American brand is synonymous with polo t-shirts the world over. With a signature logo that stands out from the competition, this is a brand that pushed the envelope when it came to using branded polo shirts.
  • S. Polo Assn.: This brand is the official clothing sponsor of the USPA, the governing body that controls the sports of Polo. The activity that the clothing brand promotes is polo and horse riding in the US,and the logo stands out for this fact.
  • Lacoste:This is a French brand founded by Rene Lacoste, the tennis legend. It is said that a French man invented the polo t-shirt to help adapt to the tennis circuit of the day. Most people that use the product often comment on the durability of the product.
  • Theory:A minimalistic brand that seeks to cater to modern professionals. The comfort of wear is the watchword of this brand, and they are known to be durable beyond the call of duty.
  • Fred Perry:Launched in 1952, this is one of the well-known British brands for clothes. It must be said of the brand that it has collaborated with others to reach out to a wider audience.  

The custom polo shirt serves more than just promoting brands. Often, they are brands by themselves and need little by way of introduction to the wearer or the public.

How to Maximize the Reach and Impact of Your Promotional Campaigns with Polos

Often, people get carried away with the appearance of the custom polo shirt that they do not focus on creating a promotional campaign with it. Below are some tips that would help businesses to better promote campaigns with polos.

  • Match the Polo with the brand: Polo shirts come in different brands, sizes, colors, and fits. It is thus very important to match the brand with the right polo. The polo shirt must suit the occasion.
  • Customize to the foremost: Most polo shirts are customized to a great extent,so much so that the very sight of the shirt would cause a brand recall. The power of customizations must never be underestimated.
  • Distributing strategically:There are different modes on how a polo shirt is given away. Some are given as presents, others as incentives for activities, and still others as fundraisers. It is for the brand concerned to decide how the polo shirt needs to be distributed so as to cause the maximum sightings among the target audience.
  • Promoting creatively:The need to be creative with the distribution of the polo shirt would be evident when considering the role of social media in achieving promotions. It would be possible to reach out in-depth to the community, thus targeting the customers better.

Where You Can Source Quality, Affordable Polos for Your Brand Promotion

There is, of course, the traditional method of sourcing polo shirts for your brand promotion as the local markets, etc. Increasingly, people are taking the online route to order in bulk the custom Polo shirt of their design.

It is possible to customize them according to the templates that are present on the websites, and some of the websites are custom-made for ordering Polo prints of your chosen design. In most cases, the logos are uploaded to be printed on the part of the shirt specified.

FanHe Gifts are a one-stop solution to finding the right Polo shirt and in just the right quantities too. Trust them to deliver them on time and within budget as many times as you would care to use them. With some of the most trustworthy machines to print and display logos and messages, including UV printing, this is a vendor that few people can give the go-by.

A Quick Summary - Ways to Promote Your Brand with Polo Shirts

There are various benefits and outcomes, most of them favorable, when using Polos for brand promotion. They have been listed below.

  1. Enhancing your brand image.
  2. Increasing your brand visibility.
  3. Boosting your brand loyalty.
  4. Growing your business and sales.

People using polo shirts as promotional merchandise often tend to get the best for their money’s worth. But that does not mean that the shirts do not find value when given away for free. It is for the business to consider how the promotional polo shirt should be distributed to target as much as possible the target audience.

Few people understand selling to the extent that they can predict the outcomes of sales promotional activities. But with the use of customized Polo shirts, the chances of your marketing campaign’s success are far greater than for any other comparable activity.  

In conclusion, if you want attractive polo shirts for your brand promotion, look no further than FanHe Gifts. You will be impressed with the affordable price range and customization options.

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