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UV Printing

UV printing is what goes by the term digital printing. It uses ultraviolet light to cure the pain used in creating prints on materials. The process allows for the creation of colorful prints on paper, ceramic, plastic, and a range of substrates.

The main advantages of UV printing are that it is fast in action, durable, and economical to do as well. The prints last for a long time and are resistant to scratches, fading, and damage due to water or moisture. It is possible to create a print on any surface, even irregular ones like a curve, inclined, etc. UV printing can be used on a wide variety of materials, including flexible ones like canvas. This makes it ideal for outdoor uses as well. As there is no use of solvents to create the prints, it is eco-friendly and economical too.

It is possible to deploy UV printing for a wide range of uses. This includes uses such as signage, photography, interior design, and more. Trust UV imprints to be used on laptops, mobile covers, rexine, etc. UV prints deliver a high-quality finished product, provide a high degree of finish, and can be used on practically any surface.

Introduction To UV Printing and Its Benefits to Promotional Products


The term UV Printing is used to describe a printing method used to print out colors to a substrate using ultraviolet light as a means of fastening the print onto the given surface. With the paint used in creating UV impressions, it turns solid when exposed to UV light and, at the same time, fastens to the surface onto which it is being transferred.

Curing of the paint in the case of UV imprints happens almost instantaneously, with the light following the print head as it lays out the pain on the given surface.

The benefits of using UV prints on promotional products are as detailed out below:

  1. Materials: One of the prime reasons why people use UV printing is that it can print on practically any surface. This includes canvas, wood, plastic, ceramic, and so on.
  2. Speed: It is seen that UV imprints can be made at a faster pace onto a given surface when compared to other means of creating a print on the same surface. This is a major point when it comes to creating prints on promotional products.
  3. Economical: Compared with the cost incurred in printing out a design on a material by any other means, UV printing works out the cheapest most of the time. But taken as a factor of time to produce a finished product, UV imprintscores over the rest of the different types of printing methods.
  4. Finish: The role of the UV light is to cure the wet paint that is applied to the material. In the case of UV printing, the paint dries as soon as it is applied to the substrate with the least extent of absorption by the material. This produces a better finish to the product when compared to different other means of creating an imprint.

Thus, UV imprints score over the competition as it provides an economically better solution, have a speed of operation, can be used on a wide variety of materials, and gives a presentable finish to the final product most of the time.

UV Printing Video

Advantages Of Using UV Printing on Promotional Gifts


There are different ways that UV imprints are advantageous when creating promotional gifts. They are as discussed below.

  1. Cost:  As UV printing is a faster and more efficient process, it does not require solvents or external heat to cure the paint. This makes the process that much more efficient and cost-effective for the user.

The UV imprints do not need an aqueous layer causing faster drying and the protection of the prints. This works to the advantage of the customer as it provides cheaper prints most of the time.

There is no limit to the kind of materials that can be printed, which works to the advantage of the UV printing technique. Thus, it is possible to produce economic works no matter the kind of substrate that is used.

UV impressions use the least amount of ink and other consumables when used to print on any given surface. Thus, proving it to be the most economical method once again.

  1. Durability: Since the UV impressions do not use any solvents or heat in the process, it tends to make them durable and long-lasting. The process itself uses LED lights for the UV rays,which in turn improves the life of the finished product.

In UV printing, the curing happens almost instantaneously. Thus, the imprints do not evaporate or seep into the substrate. This produces designs that are highly durable and resists fading and peeling.  

As far as promotional gifts are concerned, they come in all shapes and materials. Thus, the ability of UV impressions that it can be done on practically any surface adds to the durability of the gift items.

It is possible to use custom inks depending on the kind of material being printed upon. So harder surfaces use stiffer inks, while foldable materials use flexible inks, which add to the extra durability of the finished product.

  1. Color accuracy: With the kind of print head and ink used in UV printing, it is possible to create color accuracy in UV impressions. The fact that it is instantaneous drying adds to the utility of the entire process.

Each of the materials used in gifting uses specialized inks that are relevant to the material most of the time. This delivers color accuracy to the item.

Most UV prints depend on the software used to deliver some of the most durable impressions. Thus, it is possible to have custom applications that emphasize the color accuracy of the finished product as far as possible.

With UV impressions, it is possible to be cost-effective, produce durable prints, and stick to color accuracy by deploying the steps outlined above.

UV Printing samples

UV Printing SAMPLE

How To Choose a Reliable Printing Service Provider for Your Promotional Product Needs


Promotional products are a great way to market and publicize products and services. Some points need to be heeded while choosing the right UV printing service for your needs, as discussed below:

  1. The website: This would be the starting point forusing UV impressions for your promotional products. Most websites give a portfolio of past work, and this should provide a basis for judging the level of competency of future work entrusted to the provider.
  2. Compare: It is often a simple process to compare and pick between service providers based on the quotes and prices found on their websites. Further negotiations can be held once a shortlist has been created as to who to go for from the list. Most sites do have a portfolio of past products,and this makes comparison all the easier.
  3. Samples: A further step in choosing the right UV printer is to ask out for samples with their rates. This is a good step to understand the quality of products or prints to be expected from a certain service provider.
  4. Delivery time: It would only be appropriate that customers are given a tentative delivery schedule that the impression maker would take to complete a consignment. Some of the larger players in the market would be able to provide fast turnaroundtimes as they do have the capacity to handle bulk orders.
  5. Delivery options: While most UV printing companies deliver to the location of the client, it is possible to have the printer deliver to multiple customers’ addresses. This option, although the more expensive one, would save on time and effort to be expended by the client.

At FanHe, it is possible to find the right promotional product along with great prices to UV prints your message. They do deliver right across the globe and at very competitive prices too. Customer reviews of the services offered by the company would point to the level of commitment to be expected from the company.

There are, of course, discounts for bulk items, and the website provides prospective clients with what they are capable of.

Examples Of Successful Products That Used UV Printing on Their Promotional Items

  • Food Containers: This is one of the most popular items to undergo customization with UV printing. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes too.
  • T-Shirts: It is possible to have customized t-shirts with the right slogan to match the prints.
  • Coffee Mugs: A favorite item when it comes to UV-impressedpromotional items, this comes in various capacities and shapes. Provides customers with a wide range of customizations to be done in such a small space.
  • Pens: An item that can be ordered in bulk without compromising on the finish of the product. A very popular option when it comes to office promotional items.
  • Notebooks: It is possible to carry out a wide range of customizations when it comes to notebooks to be used both as an office item as well as something for home consumption.
  • Coasters: Primarily designed to protect tables when serving hot drinks, coasters have a wide range of products to choose from. Wood, plastic, metal, etc.,are some of the most popular items to make coasters out of.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to finding the right promotional product which needs UV printing. The items can be handled in bulk and with a speed of delivery so that even last-minute orders are executed successfully.

Steps Involved in Creating Custom Designs with UV Printing Technology

Step 1: The right UV printer is chosen considering the product that is to be impressed with the design. Often the kind of design does play a part in choosing the printer.

Step 2: The second step is the preparation of the design file. This is done using software and pays sufficient attention to the speed of printing as well as the quality of prints.

Step 3: The product is loaded onto the printer, and prints are taken one piece at a time. It is to be noted that the product must be properly cleaned and dried before being printed.

Step 4: After the UV printing is carried out, sufficient time must be allowed for the curation and drying of the product. It is then packed and dispatched to the client.

UV Printing samples


How To Get Started with Designing Your Own Promotional Items Using UV Printing  


  • Know your product well. This must be the first step towards UV printing. Often the size and shape of the product will get to decide on the kind of printing machine that is to be used.
  • Choose a suitable printer and software:It is important to choose a printer that matches the product as well as a suitable printer software driver.
  • Create the design file.This is where the creativity of the designer comes into play. The design file would determine how well the design works out in the actual situation.
  • Testing the design.Before commencing the printing of the products, it is important to conduct a trial run or test run. Any changes to the design file are to be made, if necessary, before taking to the actual printing.
  • Print and check the quality of the finished product. It is important to take prints on the products and,at the same time, examine each product for consistency.

Why You Should Use UV Printing for Promoting Your Business


UV printing scores over traditional screen printing or other alternative methods of printing as it is:

  • Simple to do.
  • Economical to execute.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has a speed of operation.
  • Durable

UV impressions win hands down for the above features and have been the preferred method to use for printing promotional products to scale.

Well, if you are finding superb customized gift items with UV printing to promote your business, check out the FanHe Gifts collection at Gentle Top Gifts

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