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Promotional Memory Card

Our SD cards are the perfect choice for your memory storage needs. Not only do they provide a large capacity of data storage, but cards are incredibly reliable and durable so you can trust them to keep your photos, videos, and other important files safe.

For those with more advanced needs, our cards come in different speed formats to suit every project! Whether you need standard speed or UHS-I or UHS-II class performance, our SD cards are up to the task—meaning minimal lag times, quick transfer speeds, and efficient downloading. No matter the task, Sd Card Manufacturer has you covered.

We take customer satisfaction seriously here—that’s why we offer a product guarantee on every card we manufacture. Rest assured that your photo and video memories will stay safe with us. Add to that our promise of continuous innovation and top quality standards in each card we make, and it is clear that Sd Card Manufacturer is the solution when it comes to maintaining your digital life in an organized fashion.

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SD Cards

SD cards are an essential tool for storing and transferring data, offering a convenient way to store large amounts of information in a small package. They provide the perfect solution for devices that require more storage space than what is available on their internal memory. With SD cards, you can easily expand the capacity of your device with minimal effort and cost. The unique value of SD cards lies in their portability and versatility – they can be used across multiple devices, making them ideal for sharing photos, music, videos and other data between different gadgets. Additionally, they are capable of providing high speeds when it comes to file transfers so you don't have to wait long for your files to move from one place to another. Furthermore, SD cards come in various sizes which make them suitable for different types of applications including digital cameras and mobile phones. This makes them incredibly useful since you no longer need multiple storage media; all you need is one card that will work with any device!

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SD Cards Benefits

In today's world, it's hard to imagine life without technological advancements. One such example is promotional SD cards, which have become increasingly popular. These little cards are used for storing data and offer several benefits.

Unique Value Proposition

With the ability to store large amounts of data, promotional SD cards can provide customers with unique value they won’t find elsewhere

Faster Transfer Speeds

SD Cards allow for faster data transfers, making it easier to move files quickly and efficiently

Durability & Reliability

The durability and reliability of SD cards make them an ideal choice for businesses looking for long-term promotional items

Compatible with Multiple Devices

The SD Card is compatible with many different types of devices including cameras, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more so you can access your data wherever you go!

Increased Brand Awareness

Utilizing promotional SD cards can help increase brand awareness and recognition of your business

Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other storage solutions on the market today, SD cards are an affordable option for businesses looking to increase their storage capabilities without breaking the bank

Amazing SD Cards Supplier

When it comes to promoting your business, it's important to invest in high-quality products that will impress your customers. That's where our company's SD Card orders come in. We offer six distinct advantages that set us apart from the competition.

High Capacity Storage

Our SD Card offers up to 128GB of storage capacity, providing plenty of space for photos, videos and music.

Durable Design

With a waterproof and shockproof design, our SD Cards are designed to withstand the elements and everyday wear-and-tear.

Fast Transfer Speeds

Our SD Cards feature UHS-I technology with read/write speeds up to 100MB/s so you can quickly transfer large files in seconds.

Compatible with Most Devices

Our SD Card is compatible with most digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets on the market today so you can easily access your data wherever you go!

Easy Installation & Setup

Installing our SD Card is simple and straightforward — just plug it into your device's card slot or USB port for instant access to all your data!

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing that makes our products accessible to everyone without sacrificing quality or performance!

How We Work?

At our company, we believe in providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with these six tips on how to best cooperate with us when placing an SD Card order. er.

SD Cards

1. Understand Your Requirements – Before you place an order for a SD card, make sure that you understand the exact requirements of your project.

2. Research Different Options – Do some research on different types of SD cards to find out which one is best suited for your needs and budget.

3. Get Samples – Request samples from us so that you can test them out before making a final decision on what type of card to purchase.

4. Place Your Order – Once you have made your decision, let us know so we can process and ship your order as quickly as possible.

5. Follow Up with Us – Stay in touch with us during the entire process and provide feedback about any issues or concerns that may arise during production or shipping times .

6.Provide Quality Control – Make sure that all products meet quality standards by providing thorough testing before they are shipped out to customers .

Examples of Our Previous Orders

As shown on the right, these examples are just a glimpse of the top-notch products we have previously created. Our team makes use of the latest technology and techniques to ensure that every SD card meets or exceeds our customers' expectations. We understand that your data is precious, and that's why we are always striving to improve our products to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the modern world. With us, you can trust that your SD card orders will be handled with professionalism and friendliness, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Let us provide you with the best SD card experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

SD Cards (1)

pls don't worry, it is normal.Because the calculation method of the capacity of the factory and the computer is different. In the Computer, 1GB=1024MB, but for the factory, 1GB=1000M, besides that, the application will retain some capacity. so the real capacity is: Total storage x 0.93

You can use CrystalDiskMark to see the SSD speed. For speed, the difference between SSD and HDD is in the computer startup speed and application response speed.

Please restart your computer, and then allocate space for it in your computer's disk management options.

Thanks for your trust. Generally, we need to confirm some detail with you, so pls contact us directly, you can find the button on the right sidebar. Or if the product page can be placed order directly, just do that is okay.

 Yes, sure, and it is free at no extra cost. Pls send us your logo file or tell us your creative mind.

Yes, the sample can be provided. But we will charge it in the beginning and refund you when your next order is up to 200pcs. We looking for long-term business, if you think the our sample is not meet your requirements you told us, you can also ask for refund.

Lovely Customers

Tonrie Radford

The quality is very good, only four days after the order was received, the first time I received the goods I opened to try, read and write very fast, and the laser engraved logo looks very qualitative, next time also come to this side to purchase products

Alyn Peterson

Absolutely trustful Partner for International Co-operation. Producct samples arrived in 7 days to Germany and the most pleasant was that after checking the Sandisk MicroSD cards they was 100% Original and worked perfectly just as expected. Maybe the only disadvantage for our German Customer will be the Chinese Package but still the smart customers will understand what they buy. Thank you Bella, we are looking forward for our cooperation !

Laci Trussell

Super product, well packaged, shipped on time, absolutely professional behavior of the seller and the most important is that these memory cards are 1000000% original from SanDisk, proved and checked from Germany customs clearance office and the SanDisk staff. Thank you once more time for your great work Bella, wish all sellers online would be so honest and professional like you.

jaila Witherspoon

these memory cards is very high quality, good speed, the quality looks better than other factory, next time we will order more, good factory. when we got these memory cards, we use professional machine to do H2 and H5 test, total 5000pcs 16GB, no one is bad, the speed is good as the factory promised, so we feel that the factory is honesty and trustworthy, this is a government order, we are very lucky to know this factory, very honest, thank you very much

Kris Raia

✅GENUINE QUALITY PRODUCT 👍1st class service again my second order. 🚚Super quick delivery within 10 days. 🤝A big Thank you again to Bella for such a pleasant customer experience from start to finish. 💯 % Honest Genuine & Friendly Supplier Thank you again to everyone at this company, we really appreciate everything you are doing supporting our business during these very testing times😎 💥STAY SAFE, I WILL BE IN TOUCH SOON

Dema Cumming

Great item, took a little longer to arrive but that was more the logistics company than the seller. SD cards are great, tested multiple cards with H2testw and all is well. No errors and full capacity. I will buy again in future. Top seller!!

Suzanne Essengue Belibi

Ms. Bella is very supportive and helpful in preparing the order and selecting products. Always shares updates on best selling products, products that are going cheaper compared to previous prices etc. Items are promptly packaged with care and well organised. Shipping was fast and safe and can be tracked from origin to destination without any hassle. Overall a healthy business relationship with success to both parties. Recommended!

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