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Linen Cover Hardcover Corporate Notebook

Linen Cover Hardcover Corporate Notebook

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Product Name:
Custom Printed Linen Cover Hardcover Corporate Notebook
Standard Size:

432x285mm; 368*260mm; 210*285mm; 196*273mm; 203*140mm; 184*130 mm

Notice: standard size would be more economy
Standard Paper:

(1) C2S,art paper glossy or matte 105g; 128g; 157g; 200g; 250g; 300g

      Major for color catalog printing, or paper bag printing 80g;
(2) offset paper 100g; 120g; 140g: Major for black print novel printing 
(3) C1S or ivory paper 250g; 300g ; 350g: Major for color box printing or board book 
(4) White or Brown Kraft paper 120g; 150g; 180g; 200g  Major for paper bag printing
Printing Lines:

We possess 6 printing lines

(1) 6 color + 1 varnishing (Folio)major in paper bag printing, 

(2) 5 color + 1 varnishing (Folio)major in catalog with 1 PMS color + glossy varnishing 
(3) 4 color (Folio)Normal CMYK printing process 
(4) 5 color + 1 varnishing (Quarto)another 5+1 
(5) 4 color (Quarto)another 4 color printing process major in cover printing 

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