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How Promotional Lanyards Can Help Your Business

How Promotional Lanyards Can Help Your Business

Boost Your Success: The Benefits And Strategies Of Promotional Lanyards In Business Promotion

Businesses these days use multiple tools and techniques to promote their interaction with potential customers around the world. For this purpose, they take the help of different types of promotional products that can reach millions of people with ease and at an affordable price. 

One such excellent and cost-effective marketing tool is promotional Lanyards. Promotional Lanyards are a flexible and cost-efficient marketing tool used by multiple small and large-scale businesses to serve their marketing requirements and increase brand awareness.

Promotional Lanyards are useful accessories used for the marketing of a brand, event, or business. They feature a strap or sometimes a twine that is usually worn around the neck, with a hook on the other side, which is used to attach a badge or an ID card. One of the most crucial features of promotional lanyards is their ease of customization. 

From colors, designs, company logos, and brand names, everything can be tailored to your requirements. These lanyards can be utilized to improve brand awareness among your target market. They can be used as gifts or giveaways for company employees, consumers, or business partners at various events, business conferences, etc. 

In this article, we will look at How Promotional Lanyards Can Help Your Business to grow and build a market presence.

Table Of Content:

  • What are lanyards, and why should businesses use them?
  • Benefits of using lanyards for your business.
  • Types of lanyards that are available.
  • How to choose the right type of Promotional lanyard for your business?
  • Tips on how to make the most out of using Promotional lanyards.
  • Examples of successful businesses that have used lanyards effectively.
  • Where to buy quality custom-made lanyards at a reasonable price?

What Are Lanyards, And Why Should Businesses Use Them?

Lanyards are referred to as promotional accessories used to exhibit and hold badges, designation cards, keys, etc. They consist of a strap with a clip on the other end to hold and attach objects and are worn around the neck. Promotional lanyards are highly customizable tools and can be crafted in numerous styles, sizes, colors, and materials.


Businesses should opt for promotional lanyards to increase brand awareness among people due to various reasons:


  1. Improved Brand Recognition– Businesses can get customized lanyards printed with the company’s logo or name and make their employees wear them at various events. This will silently promote the business among people and also showcase their services and products.


  1. Access Control- Promotional lanyards can help your business by improving access control within your organization. Employees and other workers of the company can wear lanyards with designation cards or badges to restrict access to specific areas of the office building. This also ensures the safety of the employees and helps in shielding sensitive information.


  1. Increased Visibility- Promotional lanyards can be used in trade shows, business meetings, and to promote sponsors. Businesses can display and distribute customized lanyards among attendees and sponsors to create a sense of belonging.


  1. Increased Customer Loyalty- Businesses can distribute customized lanyards as gifts or giveaways with purchases. This will help to create a positive union between the customers and the brand, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction in the long run.

Benefits Of Using Lanyards For Your Business.

Promotional lanyards can help your business to a large extent due to the plethora of benefits it provides:

  1. Promotion And Marketing- Lanyards customized with your company’s logo or brand are a great way to market your brand and build a strong presence among potential consumers. When these lanyards are worn by employees or partners at a conference or an event, they could get you seen by a wider audience.
  1. Promotes Professionalism- Branded customized lanyards give off an impression of professionalism when worn by employees of a particular organization. These are especially suitable for companies having customer-facing positions.
  1. Cost-Effective- Promotional Lanyards are a comparatively cheaper method of marketing than others. They come in handy at good prices and can be easily afforded by small as well as large businesses.
  1. Fast Identification- Promotional lanyards can help your business by making identification access swift and practical. Employees of your company can quickly admit their ID badges that are significant to their job.

Types Of Lanyards That Are Available

Explore here some of the famous types of promotional lanyards and how promotional lanyards can help your business:


  1. Customized Lanyards- These are one of the most common and widely used types of promotional lanyards. These can be personalized with the name, logo,  or graphics to create a unique look.


  1. Reflective Lanyards- Lanyards crafted from reflective materials suitable for night activities or outdoor events are called reflective lanyards. Reflective lanyards make the wearer more visible at such outdoor events.


  1. Badge Lanyards-These are also one of the most commonly used lanyards worn by office employees. Badge lanyards have a retractable mechanism that facilitates the ID to be easily pulled out when required for scanning or presenting.


  1. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Lanyards- As the name says, these lanyards are created from recycled materials like organic cotton, bamboo, plastic, etc.


  1. Fashion Lanyards- These lanyards are very much customizable as per the preference & style of the wearer. You can get them in various designs, colors, patterns, and logos.


  1. Breakaway Lanyards- Thesetypes of promotional lanyards come with an advanced safety feature. It enables them to release in emergencies to prevent injury or choking quickly.


  1. Phone Lanyards- They are used to make sure the safety of mobile phones or other handheld devices while ensuring easy accessibility.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Promotional Lanyard For Your Business?


Wondering how promotional lanyards can help your business? Well, you need to focus on the correct lanyard for your target audience for maximum impact. There are several significant factors to consider while buying the right type of promotional lanyard for your brand promotion:


  1. Objective- Before choosing the right type of promotional lanyard, it is first important to identify its objective. You should know if you’re going to use the promotional lanyard for promotional purposes or as an identification badge, or both. This will help you filter your preferences before picking the lanyard.


  1. Budget- Before diving into the purchase of the lanyard, make sure to check your budget. The cost of the lanyard depends on the type of material used, quantity, and customization options.


  1. Target Audience- Before choosing a promotional lanyard, identify and recognize your target audience. By considering the needs and Interests of your audience, you’ll be able to create a lanyard that will cater to their choices and promote a feeling of association with your business.


  1. Company Image- Choosing a lanyard that perfectly aligns with your company’s idea and services is a great way to enhance your reputation among consumers.


  1. Constancy- A good quality lanyard will not only promote your business but also give an idea of quality to your customers and business partners. Choose good material to customize your lanyard, especially if you are going for outdoor events.

Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Using Promotional Lanyards

If you want to know How Promotional Lanyards Can Help Your Business, here are some practical tips on how to make the most out of your brand marketing lanyards:


  1. Choose A High-Quality Lanyard- A premium quality lanyard will not only be a long-lasting item but also highlights your professionalism. Additionally, it will showcase that your brand is more focused on quality instead of quantity.


  1. Customization Options- You can customize your marketing lanyards for a good impression. For example, you can get your tagline imprinted on them or any motivational quote that resonates with your audience.


  1. Use Them As Giveaways- One of the best ways by which promotional lanyards can help your business is by distributing them as giveaways at events or meetings. When your employees or customers wear your customized lanyards, they not only promote your brand but also associate more positively.


  1. Share Them On Social Media- You can urge people to share their pictures wearing your promotional lanyard on various social media platforms, using a hashtag to stretch out to a wider audience.  


  1. Create Eye-Catching Lanyards- While crafting a promotional lanyard for your business, it is important to use bold graphics or colors that will instantly catch the attention of the viewer.

Examples Of Successful Businesses That Have Used Lanyards Effectively

Numerous businesses have successfully used promotional lanyards for their marketing needs and have successfully reaped plenty of benefits from them. Here are some brief case studies.


  1. Microsoft- Microsoft successfully used promotional lanyards to market the launch of Windows 10. The company distributed its promotional lanyards at a tech conference that created a priority and buzz around its new launch.


  1. McDonald’s- The fast food giant is known for using promotional lanyards in many of their promotional strategies. Their lanyards have in-built wallets that can be used to pay for food and beverages at their restaurants.


  1. Nike- Nike has successfully used promotional lanyards at one of their running events. The runners who actively participated in their marathons were given branded lanyards incorporated with Nike’s logo. This not only promoted their brand but also promoted the idea of fitness among people.


  1. Amazon- Promotional Lanyards were used in Amazon’s brand ambassador program. The sellers of Amazon were given customized branded lanyards to wear at events and trade shows that helped in creating brand association and simultaneously promoted Amazon’s online market presence.


  1. Disney- Disney organized an annual marathon that made use of promotional lanyards to increase awareness among people. All the people who participated in the race were assigned promotional lanyards printed with the logo of the company.

Where To Buy Quality Custom-made Lanyards At A Reasonable Price?

With more than 12 years in the promotional products domain, FanHe Gifts (official website gentletopgifts.com) is an apt platform to buy quality custom-made lanyards at a affordable price.

FanHe Gifts company provides a wide range of premium gifts, corporate gifts, and door gifts at comparatively lower prices than others. They have a team of professionals that are experts at catering to all your promotional requirements with ease. They have a great reputation for providing amazing customized promotional products at fast services. You can visit their website to get the best quote on promotional lanyards or other products and also contact their 24-hour customer support team in case of any queries related to the purchase.

Final Words - How Promotional Lanyards can help your Business

Lanyards are great marketing tools that can be effectively used for various branding needs and strategies. Promotional lanyards can help your business to a large extent, as they can even be distributed as giveaways and gifts in various professional settings.


Moreover, promotional lanyards are practical and daily used items that people can use in a workplace as ID cards or designation badges. Lanyards that are designed properly by using good quality material can easily attract the attention of individuals and entice new business proposals. Promotional lanyards also promote a sense of association among employees and partners while simultaneously building an emotional connection with the company.


Additionally, promotional lanyards can be used on various social media platforms to promote your brand among a wider audience all around the world. Asking customers to wear your company’s promotional lanyard and posting a picture of the same on social media, along with branded hashtags, helps to create awareness and buzz around your brand to a large extent. Promotional lanyards are excellent marketing tools that should be used by businesses as they have numerous benefits. You need to keep certain important tips in your mind while choosing promotional lanyards based on your company’s budget, business motive, target audience, the material of the product, and durability in the long run.


By keeping all these important tips at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create a promotional strategy that will definitely provide substantial benefits to your business in the long run.

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