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Hi, we’re FanHe Gifts Company – a team of vibrant young souls with a passion for supplying you the most premium gifts you could ever get! We constantly explore the latest trend in corporate premium gifts so that we could produce innovative and practical design to keep pace with our valued customer.

We provide a very wide range of Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts and Door Gifts products and are well known for our expertise and customer focus in customizing them according to your specifications. Our product designers are very professional and always aim to come up with new and creative gifts related products for our clients. We have a solid reputation of offering our clients the best and fastest service for standard and customized products at a reasonable price.

We can respond to any urgent request since we are available 24 hours per day.


Why Work With FanHe Gifts?

Our raw materials are directly sourced from China. From material sourcing, designing, processing to packing and lastly delivery of your premium gifts, we have the right professional that will help you through the process! All incoming raw materials are scrutinized by our team of auditors in order to ensure the quality of our products. We are the leading one stop supplier helping you with all your printing and premium gifts needs.

We work closely with our clients, suggesting ideas and plan with them, to either customize or give them the best off-the-shelf or customized products. If customization is needed, our designers will make a proposal for your personalized design.

Upon your confirmation of the proposed design, we will suggest the best and most cost-effective way of producing and supplying them in a timely fashion.

We can help you in a professional and time efficient way with:
Corporate Gifts for corporate events, live seminars, corporate training events and many more
Premium Gifts for loyal customers, huge corporate clients, potential clients and many more
Door Gifts for corporate parties, annual dinners, holidays trips and many more
Customized Shirts and Caps
Heat Pressed Lanyards
Printing of any size of Brochures and Leaflets
Customized and Beautiful Folders
Customized Canvas and various types of Boards
Customized Badges and Wristbands
Custom Name Cards with hot stamping and round corner edges with lamination
Bags with your Logo
Mugs with color changing effects
Stylish Flasks
Souvenirs for your company’s guests
Customized Key Chains of any shape
Special Diaries with USB and phone charging capabilities
Custom Pens matching your corporate identity
Special IT Gadgets


A well-conceptualized visual communication strategy in manufacturing the most unique and creative corporate to impress your guests


Personalize corporate gifts with your own branding by using our unique design and printing technologies. Additional packaging is also available to make your merchandises event more exclusive

Value Driven

Value matters to us. We take a great pride in crafting only the best strategies to help you leverage your brand awareness to accomplish maximal return on investment (ROI) desired.

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